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Masculine Soap Collection

Masculine Soap Collection

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Masculine Soap Collection

One each of Grandpa's Pipe, Sportsman, Water Dog, and Country Gentleman

Grandpa's Pipe

Tobacco, Tonka Bean, and Cashmere

Tobacco leaf has been used historically to treat boils, skin infections and sores, as well as bruises and sprains.

Tonka bean has numerous health benefits, such as preventing excessive heat loss from the skin, reducing inflammation and feeling of pain in the skin, and being an antiseptic to remove germs.

Cashmere offers a range of benefits on the skin, such as soft and blemish-free skin after frequent washes, allowing your body to breathe which helps to regulate body temperature. 


Anise and Dead Sea Salt

Anise is good for wrinkles because it acts as a natural skin toner. It is extremely effective in detoxifying the skin. Anise tones the skin by strengthening the muscles’ tenacity, which prevents sagging. Anise has been proven to attract both deer and fish with its natural sweetness.

Dead Sea salt has been found to have anti-aging benefits, such as exfoliation, hydration and detoxification. It also contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium that can improve skin health and appearance. Studies have shown a connection between Dead Sea salt benefits for psoriasis and other conditions like arthritis.

Water Dog

Bay Rum and Lime

Bay helps to prevent wrinkles and skin outbreaks. Bay also has anti fungal and antibacterial properties that can be used to treat cuts and bruises. It is an effective tool in treating acne and calming irritated skin. Bay was used by sailors to mask the scent of the sea on their hair and skin.

Lime is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and lightens age spots. Lime also helps to rejuvenate the skin by building collagen.

Country Gentleman

Teakwood and Cardamom

Teakwood is cooling to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves itchiness associated with many skin conditions.

Cardamom has a variety of skin benefits due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can be used to treat skin allergies, improve skin complexion, relieve blood clots, remove blemishes for a fairer complexion, and cleanse the skin.


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Joshua Cox
All of your soap

The best fragrance of soap I've ever had. Best fragrances ever.