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Bay Rum Shampoo

Bay Rum Shampoo

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Bay Rum

16 ounce container

Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Glycine, Plantapon, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Germaben (Natural Preservative), Scent

*** This product can double as a moisturizing body wash. ***

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that provides essential nutrients to hair follicles and prevents scalp and hair tissues from drying out. It is also known for its anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, which promote the health of the scalp and hair by fighting off scalp infections and dandruff. Aloe Vera can solve many hair problems, from mending damaged hair to controlling frizz and imparting hair shine. Argan oil contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It hydrates and softens the hair; increases elasticity and shine; and prevents breakage.

Coconut oil has many benefits for hair, including preventing protein loss, restoring luster to dry and damaged hair, taming frizz, and protecting hair against styling damage. Coconut oil is packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an ideal ingredient for treating dry hair or skin. 

Avocado oil contains antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, biotin, and vitamins A, B-5, and E. It moisturizes, repairs, and strengthens your hair. Avocado oil will help stimulate blood flow and unclog blocked follicles. 

Glycine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of collagen necessary for hair growth. It causes keratinization to occur in the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth by building hair proteins and strengthening the scalp. 

Plantapon is a natural, ready to use surfactant that is extremely mild, preservative-free, ethylene oxide free, alkyl sulfate free, betaine free and ecologically friendly. 

Sea Salt is renowned for absorbing the natural oils in hair giving it volume and natural curl. 

Citric acid closes the hair follicles, making hair soft and shiny. Citric acid improves the scalp condition by getting rid of dandruff and increasing the flow of blood, which enhances and mends the follicles of the hair necessary for a healthy hair growth. It is a great compound to treat itchy scalp, which leads often to hair loss and stops the hair growth.

Germaben is a natural preservative that protects the product against mold and bacteria.

Bay Rum is known for its ability to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. 

As always, please recycle the plastic container.


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Customer Reviews

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Sue Ellen Bozzi
Love it

Lathers well smells great
Thanks to Cowboy Logic

Dana Hausman
Love it !

Great product, lathers well and rinses clean.